Butter..it’s what’s good for you!!!

Yes, you heard me right. Butter is good for you! What’s the catch you ask? Well, yes there IS a catch. In order reap the amazing benefits of butter, it must come from the ideal source. Cows raised entirely on organic grass, and never given hormones or antibiotics will produce a butter that is deep yellow in color and rich in healthy fats as well as vitamins A & D.

Also, butter from grass fed animals contain what is know as “Activator X” (vitamin K2), as discovered by Dr. Weston Price. This important component to human growth and nutrition is only found in butterfat made from cows that have been fed a diet of green pasture their entire lives! Even a little bit of grain feeding reduces the Activator X level tremendously. As most supermarkets do not sell butter from grass fed cows, it’s safe to assume that nearly all butter on supermarket shelves do not contain the “X Factor”.


You must remember something. For thousands of years, cultures existed on the foods of the earth. There were no processed or “fake” foods. These cultures enjoyed these foods and as a result had robust health and none of the diseases we face today. Butter was staple in many primitive societies. However, the butter they enjoyed was made from animals that we free to enjoy their natural diet. The animals were never given hormones or antibiotics, thus the foods and fats generated from these animals were incredibly healthy. This includes butter!

Back in the 1960’s the FDA was so convinced that butter was a major contributor to coronary heart disease that food manufacturers raced to come up with some type of cheap alternative. Enter Margarine (i.e. hydrogenated oil)

Since margarine came on the scene, heart disease continued to increase year after year as well as a host of other diseases despite butter usage plummeting. Well, low and behold it has since been proven that margarine and other hydrogenated fats are much more harmful to your health than butter can ever be! (you may as well eat some melted down plastic).

Healthy animal fats are good for your body. They always have been. Don’t get brainwashed into believing the FDA’s claims that animal fats cause heart disease and that butter is harmful to you. No single study exists that proves this claim!

Not all animal fats and butters are created equal. Get yours from a grass fed, pesticide and hormone free source and you can rest assured you are getting some very healthy fats into your body.

To order butter from grass fed cows click on this link:


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