The Steve Reeve’s Diet. Let’s Dig Into the Details!

Today I would like to a detailed look at the diet of Steve Reeves.

For those that do not know, Steve Reeves was a bodybuilder in the 1950’s and had what many consider to be the perfect male physique. I would like to point out that in his prime, Steve was 6’1” and 215 pounds.

Now, I am not advocating becoming a bodybuilder. I am simply using his diet as an example of how caloric and protein requirements have been wrong for so many years, and trying to make you see that you have been grossly misled in regards to how many calories your body actually needs. Trust me, you require much less than you’ve been led to believe. Steve ate based on the 3 meals a day plan. It’s important to note that he was an active bodybuilder, so 3 meals per day was certainly acceptable in relation to his activity/occupational level.

Here’s a caloric breakdown of his daily diet: Breakfast: The Steve Reeves Power Drink consisting of: 14 ounces of freshly squeezed orange juice – 175 cal, 40c, 1f, 3p 1 tablespoon of Knox gelatin – 23 cal, 0c, 0f, 6p 1 tablespoon of honey – 64 cal, 17c, 0f, 0p 1 banana – 105 cal, 27c, 0f, 1p 2-4 raw eggs (he recommends that pasteurized eggs might be safer today) – 234 cal, 1c, 15f, 18p 2 tablespoons of High-Protein Powder (which he made himself) 120 cal, 4c, 0f, 24p Lunch: cottage cheese (with a handful of nuts, raisins) – 333 cal, 12c, 15f, 37p 2 pieces of fresh fruit (in season) – 190 cal, 50c, 0f, 1p

1 huge salad – 250 cal, 40c, 7f, 6p 1 swordfish steak (or turkey, tuna, or lean ground beef) 412 cal, 0c, 13.5f, 68p (one 12 oz piece fish)

DAY TOTAL: Roughly 1,900-2,000 calories. 191 grams carbs, 52 grams fat, 164 grams protein Even if you allow a margin of error of up to 25% in my numbers, Steves calories would still only be somewhere between 2,375 and 2,500. That’s for an active bodybuilder of over 6 feet tall!

You seriously need to question how much food you currently eat in comparison to your activity level, and really think long and hard about the fact that you may very well eat more calories than Steve Reeves did!




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