OK, we’ve all heard it before….you need to exercise to lose weight. You need to work out every day to get toned. You should workout daily. Blah, blah, blah.

Yes….You’ve been brainwashed into this insane theory that you need to exercise nearly daily to obtain optimal fat loss. Well..guess what? NO YOU DON’T!¬† In fact daily workouts very well may hamper your progress if fat loss is your goal!

Listen, muscle burns a alot of energy (calories). The more muscle on your frame, the more efficiant a fat burning machine you become. The problem is you can’t work your muscles every day and expect them to be able to fully recover stronger and better than ever. It’s just not going to happen. REST IS THE ULTIMATE KEY!!!

Giving your muscles proper rest will insure that they are able to repair and rebuild in order to take on your next workout.

Without giving my secrets away, I workout only 4-5 times every 2 weeks for no more than 18-20 minutes per workout! ¬†That’s right folks….1.75 to 2 hours of work every 14 days, and I continue to obtain awesome results at age 49!!

If I’m wrong….prove it!! I’ve performed my abbreviated routine on many, many clients including myself. The results are always the same…fat loss and lean muscle gain.

Stay tuned and stay strong!



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