The Crazy “Beer Belly” Myth resolved!

OK, here we go again. Another truth that needs to be exposed. Today, we attack the dreaded “Beer Belly”.

We’ve heard it for years…..”drinking beer causes a beer belly” (that big protruding thing around the midsection). I remember when I was younger and seeing guys sitting around drinking beer and noticed how big their stomachs were. Eventually, I remember someone saying “oh….that’s a beer belly”.  So,  in my young mind, beer was associated with an enormous midsection. Little did I know at the time, but beer was not the “cause” of the dreaded beer belly. No…beer in of itself will not cause a beer belly. In fact, it’s not even a beer “belly”. It’s simply excess calories being stored as fat! Men tend to store extra fat around the mid-section, women tend to store it in the butt, arms, legs.  For goodness sake, I’ve never heard of a “beer ass” on a woman have you? No, it’s just extra calories being stored away!
Here’s the problem with beer and its drinkers:
• People tend to consume horrible foods when drinking beer (i.e. chips, heroes, wings, etc.). These junk foods, in addition to being horrible for you, contribute enormously to the overall caloric intake. Also, combining proteins such as wings, ribs, etc. with a beer (quick burning carbohydrate), will no doubt lead to bloating, belching, heartburn, etc.
• Beer drinkers don’t usually stop at two beers!  Lets’ face it people, if you have a “beer belly”, odds are you don’t drink one or two beers when you do drink. Probably closer to 4 to 6 (or more on a football Sunday) Right? Well, with an average calorie count of around 160, five beers will cost you a whooping 800 calories!
So, let’s finally understand something. There is no such thing as a “beer belly”. No…it’s simply an “excess calories belly“! Eat too many calories from anywhere (beer, fast food, cakes, etc), and you will gain fat. This is the plain and simple truth.

Personally, I enjoy a few (2 or 3) beers while watching a football game. However, I do not engage in the junk foods that accompany them, and I make sure I count those calories in my daily total calories. In addition to football Sunday, I may have a glass of wine with my dinner during the week. Again, the 90 or so calories in that glass are well within my daily caloric total. You see, it’s when you consume more calories that your body requires, regardless of where they come from, that your body stores them as fat and gives men that large midsection, and women that big butt, arms and hips!Unfortunately, this is where men and women tend to store extra fat!
Let’s understand something, I’m not touting beer as a health food and am not advocating you drink. However, I am saying that if you enjoy this fun beverage (or wine), go ahead and have a glass or two. Just remember……THE BEER COUNTS TOWARDS YOUR DAILY CALORIC INTAKE!
No, you can’t get all you calories from beer or wine!! I always get someone that asks this and defends their position by saying…”If my daily caloric requirements are 2,000 calories per day, why can’t I have 1,000 calories from beer?” The answer is quite simple. Your body still REQUIRES a minimal amount of protein and healthy fats each day! So, no, you can’t get all your calories from beer! My goodness, why would you want to?
Well, I certainly hope we’ve put the beer belly myth to bed once and for all, but please know your limits and never drink to the point of being intoxicated. Either learn how to enjoy a glass of wine or a couple of beers without becoming irresponsible, or please don’t drink.
Remember my friend, you are what you eat and your body is the most complex engine on the planet. Give it the fuel it was designed to have.
Stay strong and healthy and God Bless!


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