No..Your muscles don’t “remember”!


“Muscle confusion”

It’s a term that’s been thrown around by trainers for as long as I can remember. It’s the concept that Tony Horton bases his P90X program on. Here’s a reality check………There’s no such thing as “muscle confusion”!  That’s right. It’s a crock of crap!

Hey, if you want to continue to fall prey to the mindless statements and unproven theories being perpetrated against the public, then please find another blog to read. This one shots straight and tells you exactly how it is whether you like it or not. There’s already enough people out there trying to sell you a bridge so I’ll just give it to you straight and let you do what you want with the information.

OK…back to the whole “muscle confusion” myth.  Listen, in order to be confused, you need to be able to think and have the ability to compare different events or stimulus. Do you think for one minute your muscles have this ability? Really, do your muscles have a brain? If not, how can they possibly become confused? Exactly, truth is….THEY CAN’T BE CONFUSED.

No your muscles are not confused. However, your BRAIN realizes that the workout or exercise is different. Your brain or your mind may be stimulated by a different exercise and this change of pace may be refreshing to YOUR MIND, but rest assured, your muscles are not “confused”. They do not “remember” your prior workout or the exercises you performed. They will do whatever you ask of them without applying reason to the situation. Again….you need a brain in order to remember something and thus become “confused”.

Old time Strongman Eugene Sandow did basically the same strength training routine every day. Granted, he occasionally practiced strength drills such as side presses, bent presses, etc. However, his basic workout routine remained nearly unchanged! I don’t think he suffered in the physique category do you?

My point is this. Don’t buy into the whole “muscle confusion” theory because there is no such thing. If you’re happy with the results on you current program and you’re not bored with it, then keep it up and keep progressing.

I will stay on a particular program for as long as I continue to enjoy it personally. Perhaps I’ll switch every few months, but that’s just my personal choice and has nothing to do with trying to “confuse” my muscles!

I’m currently on a workout program that includes only 4 basic exercises. It covers all muscle groups and includes cardio! As long as I continue to progress, I’ll stay on this one for quite some time!

Stay strong my friend and don’t be afraid to question anything.


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